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This graphic shows everywhere journalists have been killed since 2004 | GlobalPost

Approximately 619 journalists have died since 2004. Most were local reporters.

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disrespect robots and you disrespect me

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Artist Ed Spence is doing some truly innovative things with his latest series of photographs.

Spence starts by photographing a piece of reflective paper. After printing the image, he slices it up into tiny “pixels” and organizes the bits by color.

Photos of Reflective Paper Sliced Into Pixels and Rearranged

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See the original piece by NPR’s Jon Hamilton here. Dr. Michael Rafii, director of our Memory Disorders Clinic and Dr. William Mobley, executive director of our Down Syndrome Center for Research and Treatment discuss the links between Down’s Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease and why research is looking at this population.


The descent into Alzheimer’s disease. 

A doctor chronicles the signatures of his patient as the disease took hold of her. Our love goes out to anyone who’s dealt with this awful disease in some way. 

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We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”


*flips table*

I wish I could say I can’t believe men would say such dumb shit.

Literally, go fuck yourselves. Bye.

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Signs of a Toxic Person


1. Nothing you can say or do is good enough
2. They comment on the smallest flaw or perceived imperfection
3. They drag up your past and won’t allow you to be different
4. They act like they are fabulous and never make mistakes
5. They leave you feeling guilty and ashamed of who you are
6. They’re critical, controlling and don’t think about your needs
7. They leave you feeling beaten, wounded, battered, bruised and torn
8. They violate your boundaries, and they never respect “no”
9. They don’t care about your feelings – and they like to see you suffer
10. It’s always about them, and what they think, and want, and feel.

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Today I:
Wore shoes and immediately missed the slipper days of summer yo
Drove through decent traffic!
Ran into (not literally) so many people it was almost traumatic (five steps away from my car in the parking structure; while I was leaving the chem building; sitting in the cafeteria; right after I stood up from my seat in the cafeteria; about to cross the street; in one for lunch)
Had nice chats with said people, especially a nice morning chat with Becca and a curry lunch with Grace
Sat for an hour in a blissfully empty and air conditioned room (1st week is always the best)
Had an efficient talk with the boss ladies
Drove relatively happily because good timing makes me INCREDIBLY happy, because its as if the world says I WANT THINGS TO WORK OUT FOR YOU EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY
Smiled a lot

Going back to school even though everyone there asks me while I’m still there is both exhilarating and tiring… But it really just feels good to do stuff.

I can do more!!!

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A spotted dolphin along the coast of Hawaii

National Geographic | April 1979


Photographer Pavel Becker and designer Nora Luther may have discovered the most aesthetically pleasing way to depict recipes.

Using high speed photography and a bit of luck, the duo captured all of the ingredients in various dishes perfectly suspended in midair.

High Speed Photos Show Recipes’ Ingredients Suspended in Midair

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OSU South Campus Central Chiller by Ross Barney Architects

Dichoric glass in the joints of the precast panels convey a sense of motion as the colours change from the movement of the sun.

Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

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House of Ruth Handler creator of Barbie in Santa Monica, L.A. California

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Well, after getting reblogged by thebrainscoop, my follower numbers have nearly doubled, and I have no idea what to do with that.

Hi new people!

Well, after seeing #stand with unionid bivalves, I knew what I had to write about next.

Unionid Mussels are a…